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360 VR Tunnel Documentation

Taking a "high tech" product and bringing it in to a "simplified" concept, easy to understand and shareable to all the technical areas involved is a ingenious idea.

The 360 Tunnel Documentation is inspired on the full scale solutions done with very expensive scanners and complex systems but rather with affordable equipment with a custom made modular rig that sits on the rail tracks. In this product I don't produce a point cloud but rather a video taken with professional camera InstPro2. The video provides the position of the user and its used to find damages by tunnel inspectors among others. The result is a high quality video that can be viewed in a YouTube link, making it simple and easy to share. The savings in terms of money, time and administration are large, companies don't need to repeatedly send engineers to the tunnel because they can already view it from their screen (works on mobile phones too) and for the most immersive VR experience using an Oculus Go.

360 VR Tour of the City

A virtual tour in Gothenburg, Sweden. An ongoing project to show how immersive can 360 video can be. The project can be viewed as a YouTube link and in VR headsets such as Oculus Go.