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3D Visualization & Virtual Reality

Welcome to my portfolio! I am a 3D Designer based in Gothenburg. Focused in Automotive, Infrastructure, Architecture and Game Environments. Creating concepts, 3D visualizations and virtual environments to produce innovative products.

Automotive Visualization: I am in a continuous learning process with different programs to improve my skills within automotive visualization. This short demo shows some vehicle variety in exteriors, interiors, close-ups and Virtual Reality. I have also produced a product configurator, as a standalone using game engines so no programs are needed to install. One can change colors, cameras, etc. This is a demonstration and there might be missing details in some cars.
Infrastructure Visualization: Perhaps one of the areas where I have the most experience in large companies. I have visualized large important projects for the Swedish / Danish Transport authorities within rail and road. The details can vary greatly, in some cases high detail for a complete city with people walking, others a fly over of a a new road project. I have completed projects dealing with city planning in real time, off shore power plants and a new technique for inspecting tunnels with 360 VR video among others.
Architecture Visualization: I have many years experience in this area. I have worked at important architecture studios in Norway and Denmark. I have completed various images for interior projects and exhibition design. I have also rendered various objects. I use both traditional rendering for photorealism as well as game engines for real time animations.
Virtual Reality: I have experience with VR from various areas. One if its most common uses is to showcase a space. Another more interesting use is to implement interactivity and perform actions, this is useful to create showcases of machines and training in different fields. One of my latest projects was to be able to decorate an apartment using IKEA furniture in VR. The result was great, and thanks to VR one could "test" the furniture and layout before buying.
VR game environments: This might be the most ambitious area that I want to work with. I am currently planning a demo where the user can explore an environment, climb, etc. This area will sum up most of my knowledge regarding 3d modelling, real time, sound, environment design, lighting and interactions. This is going to be very exciting. Coming soon!

Coming soon!

A VR world to explore...