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Infrastructure 3D Visualization

For our Swedish and Danish state clients, we have completed a series of projects related to the visualization of roads, rail, tunnel inspections in 360 video and VR power plants among others.

Roads: an excellent example of how modern real time visualization helps to cut costs down and provide great visual quality. With Real time capture we can make as many takes as we need, handle changes and reach a better result in considerably less time than in traditional rendering workflows. The output of the project was a video, but it can also be a complete interactive real time model where the user can navigate around.
Tasks: game engine, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, video assembly.
Rails: traditional and game engine visualizations of different rail projects in Denmark and Sweden. The purpose of the animations is to show various views of the path. For the stills we used correct gps positioning the exact location to asses the environmental impact of the new train tracks, which houses would need to be moved, etc.
Tasks: traditional rendering, game engine, animation, texturing, lighting, video assembly, gps positioning.
360 Tunnels:  inspect tunnels in VR. Clients save money and time as they do not need to send inspectors on site as this tool reduces the number of visits. The inspector can rotate, zoom and have positioning to locate damages to build a video database of the state of the structure.
Tasks: Professional camera, video assembly, video post effects, light rig design, positioning.