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Interactive Real Time

Real time projects - user control and great graphics

Cable Park: an interactive visualization made to show a cable park proposal. In this project, the user can switch and rotate different cameras to view the proposed wakeboarding lakes from different angles and take screenshots. Try it for yourself!
1) Download the zip file here
2) Unzip in your desktop.
3) Run the file "Cable Park"
Mouse controls: click and move to rotate, zoom in/out with scrollwheel. Click camera changer.
Tasks: game engine interaction implementation, environment creation, texturing, vegetation, lighting, rendering, audio, optimizations, etc.

Try out as well, the 360 video we have prepared... (use your finger to rotate the view)

Real Time car demo: try it for yourself! This is a demo of a car in high quality. You can rotate the car, change its color, change the views, take screenshots, change the rims. Please notice this is a demo and it does not reflect the final quality. Many options can be added.
1) Download the zip file here
2) Unzip  in your desktop.
3) Run the file "Automotive Visualization"
Run it on a powerful computer!
Tasks: game engine, traditional car visualization, texturing, lighting, rendering.