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Virtual Reality and Game Environments

The most exciting medium to explore spaces and products. 

Virtual House: for our architecture client, we have created a virtual house to explore and change materials in Virtual Reality. Explore, change materials and take screenshots in high quality VR are some of the many customizations that can be created.
Tasks: game engine implementation, plugins, modeling, texturing, lighting, audio, optimization.
VR Ikea furniture: in this demo we are able to select and move around different furnitures. It’s the closest to reality. In VR you can immediately understand the space, most important, plan the layout and also change it. It’s about maximizing the space and furniture before actually placing the order at Ikea. We used this medium to plan our apartment.
Tasks: game engine, interaction plugins, Ikea furniture optimization, lighting and texturing.
Virtual Bike ride: for our state client we created a VR space for the city of Gothenburg that will be used as a research project. We implemented a simple A.I. for vehicles that respect the pedestrian. Take a ride in the elevated bike road and walk around in Lindholmen.
Tasks: game engine implementation, AI traffic, texturing, lighting, optimization, environment.
Virtual Tractor:  with the virtual Tablet one can start animations that demonstrate features of the machine. The second part is about assembly. One can assemble parts of the tractor and get visual feedback that helps the assembly process. All of it running at 90FPS high quality graphics in VR with positional sound. Its a way to showcase a machine and a puzzle game.
Tasks: game engine implementation, interaction plugins, tractor model, texturing, lighting.
Video game environments: this is an area we are currently exploring. We created a very small level where the player in VR is able to shoot arrows, climb objects and explore a beautiful forest. This type of project will expand and its under research to become a more complex game.
Tasks: game engine, interaction plugins, notions of level design, understanding AI, audio, vegetation, optimization, etc.